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A real funny dice game that doesn’t ask you to calculate, you only look at the dice showing you where and how you’ll do it! In your house, be prepare to test all rooms while experimenting six different sexual positions, ending in a thirty-six possible pleasure feast … Cast the dice and take action throughout your house or apartment while practicing challenging sexual positions. They are called Universal Love Dice, because no matter where you are in the world, or where you come from this world, you’ll understand what to do, because drawings are telling you what to do. If you do it in the dark, you’ll find your way, because they brightly shine of a phosphorescent green color, they glow in the night. Made of full and heavy plastic just like the professional models, they measure one inch by one inch (2.5cmX2.5cm). Get that casino ambiance with the winner’s atmosphere. Universal Love Dice offer you the opportunity to revive or spice up your love life and each throw is a winning one, each time it’s the Jackpot.


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