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Style – Sport – Sex… how will überlube enhance your life today?
Überlube is a premium lubricant – uniquely designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction.Überlube feels natural, performs while in use, then dissipates across skin leaving a soft, moisturized feel.It will not harm healthy bacteria or affect Ph levels – made with friendly, inert ingredients.Überlube is silicone lubricant. It will not harbor outside yeast, bacteria, or mold.Scentless, tasteless, and non-staining – never sticky, tacky, or oily.Athletes use it as an effective and long-lasting anti-chafe. Salons use überlube to finish hair and add sheen, seal in moisture, and de-frizz.Treatment pump is metered and allows one hand to stay free during application. No caps or tops to open, close, unscrew, or otherwise.New users buy überlube first for the product design, then continue buying because überlube delivers on its performance promise.Überlube is American made, by Überlube. Precision formulated from the finest available ingredients.3rd party batch-tested to ensure quality standards.Überlube is the result of hundreds of iterations of formulas and years of extensive field-testing.
Überlube for style.Weightless and oil-free, überlube tames, de-tangles, de-frizzes and conditions adding shine to your hair. Removes eye makeup. Gives your skin a soft, healthy glow. An added plus, it can also be used to reduce inner thigh chafing.Try this: Apply to hair before or after blow drying. Mix with your favorite wax or matte paste product to add texture, shine and reduce frizz. Turn your hair product into an extraordinary über product!To remove eye makeup, simply apply one dose of überlube to a cotton ball, close eyes and wipe, then wash residual make-up away during your normal face cleansing routine.Just shaved your legs? Apply another dose and give your legs a healthy glow while also reducing thighs chafing.
Überlube for sport.Long lasting, non-greasy and body safe, überlube is a dependable companion on those intense long runs, bike rides and soccer tournaments. Leaves skin clean and smooth, with no greasy residue. Try this: Apply a small amount to chafing-prone areas once, then enjoy überlube’s silky protection for hours! Swimming? Get sleeker and faster by rubbing a small amount all over the body to reduce friction and improve glide in the water.Since überlube is super slick, use caution if it gets on floor. Thankfully, it also cleans up easily just with soap, warm water and a paper towel – no sweat!
Überlube for sex.Body and condom-friendly, überlube is recommended by leading physicians and sex educators as it will not harm healthy bacteria nor affect a woman’s delicate pH balance. Überlube’s long lasting silicone formula makes it the perfect choice for intimate moments both in and out of the water.Try this: Apply a dose during intimate moments to keep things slick and slippery.You’ll notice that überlube dissipates leaving your skin soft and silky.Both our durable glass bottle and our sleek, refillable traveler feature a measured pump which dispenses the perfect amount each time – allowing you to always keep one hand in the game.Using with a condom? Here’s a pro-tip: 2 drops inside the condom and a measured pump outside will heighten both of your pleasure!
The Benefits of Überlube in Athletic Training:• Long-Lasting Chafe Protection• Maintains Lubricity While Actively Used• When Inactive, Dries to a Silky Finish• Stays In Place-Not Runny or Messy• A Little Goes a Long Way- Requires Only A Small Amount• Sweat/Water Resistant• Wetsuit/Neoprene Safe-Eases Entries and Exits• Durable/Discreet Traveling Case – Great for Pockets, Gym Bags and Purses• Metered Pump Dispenser-Allows for Replicable Application• No Parabens, Preservatives, or Petrochemicals• Hypoallergenic• No Animal Products-Vegan Friendly• Not Sticky/Tacky• Not Oily/Greasy• No Scent/Odor Or Taste• No Tingling Sensation• Non-Irritating• Will Not Stain Clothes• No Leaks Or Spills• 3rd Party Batch Tested To Ensure Quality Standards• Doctor-Recommended-Used In OB-GYN Practices• For Both Men and Women• Made in the USA
About the packaging:Überlube is packaged in Type 1 borosilicate glass, a special durable glass used for stressful applications like Pyrex laboratory glass, telescope mirrors, and aquarium heaters.Clear bottle lets you see the purity.Understated design is nightstand friendly.Leakproof bottle and top keep überlube in and dust out.Sanitary and non-porous means bacteria can’t hide anywhere. Bottle cleans up easily with a quick soapy rinse – keep your überlube fresh as new.Überlube vials and foil packs are convenient travelers. Be careful, a few drops go a long way.
Ingredients:Überlube is a silicone-based lubricant with a small amount of vitamin E to improve the finish and leave a smooth sensation.Überlube has the following ingredients:DimethiconeDimethiconolCyclomethiconeTocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E).


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