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Explore your erotic dreams and hot sensual fantasies with the fully portable Gripper masturbator. The dual density stroker is designed for intimate solo play satisfaction whenever you are in the mood for orgasmic self-exploration. The easy to use stimulation chamber has a unique grip design for maximized sensitivity and heightened ecstasy. The compact stoker measures 7”x 3”/ 18 cm x 8 cm and is made from unscented phthalate free PureSkin®/TPR. The heavy-duty one-piece masturbator has a super soft and life-like feel, ultra tight pussy opening, and a textured ribbed suction chamber for intensified stimulation pleasure. The chamber’s easy-grip design ensures a comfortable pleasurable fit and optimal glide and slide action. -Enjoy endless arousal pleasure and climax satisfaction with the personal love tunnel that is designed to satisfy your personal desires. To increase and extend your orgasmic climax experiences, always use a quality lube with this toy. Before and after every use, remember to clean the masturbator with a toy cleaner spray.
Are you having trouble hanging on to your masturbator or you are not happy with the one you have? Worry no longer the Gripper is here. Made from Pure Skin material the Sure Grip Gripper is a heavy duty One-Piece masturbator that is sure to please. The firmer outer casing houses a softer, extra realistic sleeve with unbelievable texture inside. The suction chamber is a mix of ribs and bumps. It narrows and widens to give you the ultimate pleasure in solo play or couples play. You like to play hard, the Gripper was specially made for this type of action. To ensure greater satisfaction ensure you use water based lubricant. Enjoy the pleasure is all yours.

7” (17.78cm) Length
2.45” (6.22cm) Diameter of gripper (grey area)
Ultimate suction chamber / Ribbed / bumps
Open ended
Heavy duty one piece masturbator
Dual density for the ultimate stroking action
Life-like look and feel
Unique design for maximum grip
Pure Skin® (TPR)
Use water based lubricant
Grey and pink
Clean with an antibacterial toy cleaner


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