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Siphon Vibe + is for the pleasure of sucking and female vibration. Safe, it is made of plastic covered with a soft silicone for the skin. Evolved, its suction module works independently from the other functions and it has 3 distinct strengths, it’s up to you! A tongue that easily touches the clitoris and the entire vulva, it also works independently of the other functions and has 9 movements in different cadences while vibrating, plus Siphon Vibe + can stimulate the nipples… It’s more than nature can offer you!
But it doesn’t stop there, Siphon Vibe + is equipped with a powerful vibrator at its other end, with 9 levels of vibration that can also be controlled independently of the other functions. Siphon Vibe + is the most complete device for female pleasure; 4 different motors: one for suction – one for movement – one for tongue vibration – another one that can be used as a body and vaginal vibrator… a set of exciting options! Siphon Vibe + a 4-in-1 device that offers you such a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, safety and price. Phthalate-free, odorless, and rechargeable, so no batteries are needed.
ADVANTAGES-New sensations-Solidity and security-Non-allergenic-Cunnilingus suction-Tongue movement -Tongue vibration-Body and vaginal vibrator-Multi speed-Multi succion-Nipple stimulating-Four motors-Three control buttons
TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION-Material: ultra-soft silicone – latex-free – phthalate-free – odourless-Weight: 220 grams-Dimension: 26cm x 4cm-Activation: quadruple motors-Interface: 3 level suction – 9 movements and vibration-Noise level: about 50db-Device power supply: rechargeable Ion battery and USB cable-Waterproof: splash proof only-Autonomy: about 30-60 minutes-Charge time: 1.5 hour


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