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1 Year warranty
SUSU, source of pride from the prestigious Vivilo Collection. Safe, powerful and noiseless, it is made of ABS plastic coated with silicone with 8 different suction intensities and a motor so quiet that you can hardly hear it. SUSU’s practical design makes it easy to handle, its size is ideal for both strong and delicate hands. Innovative, SUSU is a suction device very similar to the human mouth, it can make you the best “lollipops”. Its mouth sucks the erogenous parts of your body not just in a single breath, but in a great aspiration, SUSU grazes, sniffs and sucks with craving and leaves no one on her appetite. SUSU, another Vivilo product, offering such a perfected balance between comfort, efficiency and price. Phthalate free, odorless and rechargeable, no more need for batteries. SUSU is unique and it’s a gift given with joy and total peace of mind including a full guarantee of 1 Year.
Finish: 100% pure siliconeWeight of the device: 167gr8 intensities modesSplash proof only, non-submersibleAutonomy: about 90 minutesCharge time: 200 minutes
Vivilo… Prestige – Confidence – Reliability – Affordability


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