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Orgasmo, is the loving joystick for men who like to be taken with aplomb. Almost like an offensive weapon, Orgasmo gives a firm grip, meaningfully taking you and touching each skin pore… it’s like penetrating a lifelike throat! Orgasmo fits perfectly to all dimensions, as it’s of high extensibility. Ample style, it’s always like the first time, simply rinsing it brings it back to its original state. Made of first grade silicone, the closest texture to human skin, 100% safe and totally allergy free. Orgasmo the dream machine for men stimulation. 
Specs:• Safe for skin• Latex-free & Phthalate-free• Hypoallergenic• Odorless• Dimensions: 5‘‘ (12.7 cm) long by 1.5’’ (3.81 cm) width



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