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You’re alone and you have the urge to have your nipples sucked and you are not flexible enough to do it yourself? No need to worry your nipple sucker is here. You’ll experience a feeling like that of your favorite person sucking you! Hold your nipple sucker up tight against your erect nipple and squeeze the bulb to expel the air. As you release the squeezed bulb, a vacuum is caused and the nipple sucker draws out your nipple.

Set of 2 nipple suckers
2.67” (6.78cm) From top of bulb to base
1.71” (4.34cm) Bulb diameter
0.94” (2.38cm) Bulb neck
1” (2.54cm) Length of bulb base
1.25” (3.17cm) Base diameter
Clean it with antibacterial toy cleaner


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