Lady Ursula


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WE DROP SHIP THIS ITEM. It is absolutely necessary to mention it in the memo of your order your customer’s address if you drop ship.
Prices can vary greatly depending of the destination, but as of today, we have seen the lowest cost $20.00 and as high as $40.00. Therefore, before you buy this product, please contact us to know the price of the freight for a “drop ship” to your customers. Thank you for your collaboration!

Lady Ursula, the most amazing realistic replica ever made with a vibrant similarity to real human being. Everything from her defined shape, her silky smooth skin, feels just like the real thing. 36DD breast, slim waist, strong hips in a full 20 pounds body, a technological well designed masterpiece made form a super realistic skin texture.
Two openings;  vaginal and anal, deep enough to accept the most virile ones.  Easy maintenance, Lady Ursula is secure and durable and will also give you years of pleasure.
Lenght : 22.05 inches (56cm)
Width : 13.40 inches (34cm)
Height : 6.30 inches : (16cm)
Weight : 12 pounds (5.44kilos)
Material : Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)



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