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Insert the balls into the vagina and feel the sweet stimulation of the inner metal ball moving inside the outer ball. The stimulating pleasure will be sure to arouse you. Walk around, exercise, sit on a rocking chair and rock and see what type of pleasure you receive. Ensure that you are comfortable with the balls before introducing them into your sex play.
These vaginal balls, along with kegel exercises on a regular basis, will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and also help tighten the vagina. Tighten up on the balls and pull slightly to try and remove them. The tighter you hold the balls the more you are strengthening the muscles.

8” (20.32cm) From ball to string end
1.34” (3.40cm) Ball diameter (x 2) with metal balls inside
Smooth textured balls
flexible cord
Hypoallergenic / Phthalate free / Anti-bacterial
Clean it with antibacterial toy cleaner


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