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Congratulations! Opening this box brings you one step closer to discovering a whole new level of passion & romance.Made for Two – Romantic Surprises – Sensual Journey – Sensual Game – Bilingual English and French
G-Kamasutra takes you on a sensual journey through mind, body and soul. Explore each other’s inner being while going through the three erotic stages of Passion, Confession and Kamasutra. By answering the ”Confession” questions you gain insight in each other’s desires and fantasies. The ”Passion” assignment gives you hot foreplay and with the positions on the ”Kamasutra” cards, the real play begins… The ”Gold” cards give you the opportunity to command your partner. By collecting ”Cupid” cards, you will be able to avoid ”Gold” cards and win the game. The loser wins his or her partner’s heart by a ”Romantic Surprise”. G Kamasutra – explore, experience & enjoy!
Discovery of Pleasure and New SensationsA Whole New Level of Passion & RomanceErotic Stages of PassionDo it the Kama Sutra Way
Contents : Rules, Game Board, Spinning wheel, Hourglass, Satin scarf, 2 Gold Cards, 25 Romantic Surprise Cards, 25 Cupids Cards, 52 Kamasutra Cards, 100 Confession Cards, 100 Passion Cards.
Age: 18 & + Playing time Approximately 45 minutes for 2 Players – Bilingual English and French


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