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Big Vagina, 8.40 lbs. (3.82 kilos) Larissa the InnocentLet me just say that with these two ultra-fitted openings, she’ll take all your energy.  Larissa the Innocent has such soft skin, and she gives up two such tight openings that the fantasy of virginity becomes reality.  You’ll feel like giving her a nice spanking, you’ll like the sound of her rump, or even if you want to just go at it, she’s ready.  This is a woman with striking realism; you’ll feel like taking time off and just staying at home.  Do any position with this flexible body.  Be completely in control of the relationship.  Of course, Larissa the Innocent is a fantasy – she’s not real.  So close your eyes and it’ll be just like a really good sexual relationship, and with time, you might even fall in love.  Sexual relations with foreigners are often complicated.  They’re expensive and can be risky.  Take charge and invest one time only in your sex life for years of happiness.This is an ultra-solid model that will last for years.  Please note that it is still quite large:  27cm x 23 cm 18cm.  It’ll take up room at home, but also in your sex life


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