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The all-new Colosso 3

The Colosso Phenomenon just got better!

Now with 3 different engines and even better looks!

Colosso 3, a true force of nature offered by the prestigious VIVILO collection. Colosso 3 has an extremely strong and tireless mechanism; it does not stop during the action. Colosso 3 takes you with vitality and its phallic part penetrates you with energy, you do not have to move, it does all the work.

Its penetrating thrusts are fast or slow, you choose among its 7 rhythms. And when this force of nature shakes you so hard that Yes! You will feel like… YES! An earthquake is occurring and YES! Its epicenter is precisely IN YOU! You will understand the Colosso phenomenon.

Colosso 3 curved and improved head is precisely designed to stimulate the G-spot even better. Colosso 3 has now 3 independent functions: you can use the 7-speed back-and-forth motion – the 10-speed vibrating head – the 10-speed clitoral vibrator, all together or independently from one another, and thus have a versatile ALL-IN-ONE vibrator.

Colosso 3, another product of the brand VIVILO, offering a perfect balance between comfort, efficiency, safety and price. Phthalate-free, odorless, it is rechargeable so no need for batteries. Colosso 3 gives you peace of mind with its five-year warranty.

• Made of silicone and ABS plastic, odorless, phthalate free and anti-allergenic

• Battery: rechargeable lithium battery and USB cable

• Autonomy: 30 minutes at full speed

• Recharge time: 2 hours

• Waterproof IPX7

• Dimension: 20 centimeters (7.9’’)

• Weight: 196gr (6.9oz)

• Warranty: 5 Years


The COLOSSO 3 now has 3 completely independent functions:

First function: Powerful back and forth movement with 7 different jerks

Second function: Clitoral vibration with 10 different jerks

Third function: Vibration in the head with 10 different jerks

G-spot curvature: Accentuation of the curve to stimulate the G-spot more quickly.

Waterproofing: The first two Colosso models were not waterproof. Colosso 3 has an IPX7 rating. This means it can be immersed in water to a maximum depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.



***More beautiful.

***Distinguished-looking handle.


All these enhancements allow you to vary your pleasure and own a beautiful object. Colosso 3 now gives you a multitude of enjoyment combinations:


1.vibrate only the clitoral area

2.vibrate only the head

3.activate only the back-and-forth movement


1. Vibrate only the clitoral part and its head

2. Vibrate only the clitoral part and its back-and-forth movement

3. Vibrate her head and her back-and-forth movement



Clitoral part – Its head – Back and forth movement



Colosso 3 has all the advantages of Colosso 1 and Colosso 2, plus it can be used as a conventional vibrator thanks to its various functions and now waterproof. Colosso 3 is almost ALL IN ONE.



Still, the Colosso 1 and Colosso 2 are a little stronger in their back-and-forth motion, but the Colosso 3 still has considerable strength and is well above average. Overall, I’d say the Colosso 3’s improvements make it a more balanced machine than the first two. If you want your Colosso to be strongest in the back-and-forth movement, choose the Colosso 1 or Colosso 2, they both have the same strength, but if you want more options and beauty, the Colosso 3 was made for exactly that. What’s more, its G-spot curve has been improved, and all the new functions make it a more versatile vibrator, in my opinion and that of other users. Colosso 3 is the only waterproof one.


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