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Looking for a partner with big boobs? Look no further; “Brandy Big Boob” inflatable love doll is here for you. Unlike the name, she also has 3 succulent holes for you to explore. She has a 3D formed face and long golden hair. Her luscious pouting mouth with tempting lips, she waits for you. Her juicy pussy and succulent anus are anticipating your arrival. She can lick and suck at the same time. With her brown eyes and golden hair she is waiting for you to take a firm grip.  Face her or not, she is patiently waiting. Her large breasts with hard nipples are waiting for you. Let your fantasies take over.

Life size inflatable love doll
Brown eyes and long golden hair
3 Succulent holes; mouth, pussy and anus
Large breasts with hard nipples
Nontoxic / Phthalate free


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