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The BOY SPOT is a model designed to be used in harmony with the movements of your body. It stimulates the prostate as well as your perineum region. Its rhythmic movement will lead to an orgasm like you’ve never had. It’s easy to use for beginners or experts. The BOY SPORT is 1.9cm (¾’’) from front to end and 2.5cm (1”) at its widest spot and penetrates 10.2cm (4”) deep. A man can reach a powerful and ongoing orgasm with the impression that it’s coming from several parts of the body at once, something that’s impossible to reach in conventional sexuality. A prostate orgasm is completely different from a traditional orgasm. It is characterized by pleasure that starts in the abdomen and spreads to the whole body. Finally, men have access to multiple and ongoing orgasms. It is made of sturdy, phthalate-free plastic, so it is completely safe.


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