Masturbation during menstruation

Masturbation during menstruation. Many women experience heightened arousal during their period. The urge to masturbate then appears, but a question remains… Is it really possible to masturbate during menstruation? Is there a danger or, on the contrary, benefits, to this practice? In this article, we will tell you how to practice masturbation during your menstruation period safely and what the benefits can be.

Taboos around menstrual blood 

Her “periods”, “her week” or even … the “ragnagnas”. Over the centuries, we have invented a thousand and one ways to talk about rules without ever naming them. A very steeped taboo in society that suggests that menstruation must be hidden. This was not always the case and some civilizations even considered menstruation to be sacred and powerful. This was the case in ancient Egypt, which used the word “hesemen” for menstruation, which means “purification”. Some African tribes still consider menstruating women to be sacred today.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of countries view menstruation as shameful and unclean, despite advances in science. Many women find themselves isolated from all social life until the end of their cycle. Prohibition to go to school, to enter places of worship, to cook… the list is long.

Fortunately, mentalities are starting to change. Social networks have offered women a place of free expression, especially on subjects that were formerly omitted from the public square and traditional media. At the same time, some governments are passing laws that advance women’s rights in this area (leave if periods have painful periods, abolition of taxes or even free access to sanitary protection, etc.).

Is period blood dirty?

In some cultures, menstrual blood is considered dirty, impure or even poisonous. And it has been for centuries. Already in ancient Rome, it was thought that this blood caused food to rot. In reality, this is not the case and science has now proven it.

Menstrual blood simply evacuates the uterine lining in the absence of fertilization. It is made up of water, red blood cells and dead endometrial cells. The composition and appearance of menstrual blood is therefore different from that which flows through our veins. Its texture and color may even change during the cycle.

In recent years, research has focused on menstrual blood and promising results have been obtained. Menstrual blood, which until then was considered waste, could save lives tomorrow!

More intense sexual desire during menstruation?

Women notice that they have a sexual desire that varies according to the period of their cycle. Not all women have more desire during their periods. Some will notice increased desire before or after their period or during ovulation. Wanting to masturbate during your period is therefore completely natural.

Is it possible to masturbate during menstruation?

It is quite possible to masturbate during your period. There are no contraindications to this practice. Besides, it’s not that different from masturbating during the rest of the cycle.

Beneficial effects of masturbation during menstruation

Masturbation is a healthy and natural practice throughout a woman’s cycle. However, masturbating during your period has a few additional benefits.

Masturbating and reaching orgasm releases hormones like endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine. Endorphin is a natural painkiller, oxytocin is a stress reliever and dopamine is the pleasure hormone. A perfect combination to feel more soothed and to relieve pain. Indeed, during their periods, many women suffer from more or less intense pain such as cramps (related to contractions of the uterus), pain in the breasts or in the back. An orgasm can relieve these pains, reduce diarrhea (common during menstruation), regulate mood and make it easier to fall asleep.

Of course, masturbating during your period doesn’t always relieve all pain and doesn’t work for everyone. If you have severe pain, always consult a doctor for professional advice.

How to masturbate during your menstruation

There is not much difference between masturbation during menstruation and masturbation outside of your period, but to keep the practice healthy and enjoyable, a few precautions should be taken.

  • To avoid stains, you can place a waterproof towel under you. It is also possible to masturbate directly in the bath or in the shower for easy cleaning.
  • Douching is prohibited. They disrupt your vaginal flora and increase the risk of infections.
  • Wash your hands and any object used before and after masturbation. A recommendation that also applies outside the rules. A simple gesture that avoids any infection.
  • You can masturbate alone or with your partner. In case of mutual masturbation, remember to protect yourself because the risk of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) and pregnancy is present, even without penetration.
  • Removing your tampon or your menstrual cup is not mandatory in the event of external stimulation (clitoris, nipples, etc.). In the event of internal stimulation, it is better to remove them so as not to send the thread of the tampon or the cup too far into the vagina where it would be more difficult to recover them.
  • Blood acts as a lubricant. However, if you keep your tampon or cup on, the blood and your natural lubrication will be retained. You can then use a lubricant to avoid irritation.

Now that you know all about period masturbation, feel free to experiment and, above all, have fun!

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